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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Archaeo News

The compilation of
archaeological news by the team of the reference site Stone Pages strikes with a new update, some of whose snippets I found of some significance:

  • Çatalhöyuk team to announce new findings this summer (more at Hürriyet)
  • Guernsey's only gallery grave (passage dolmen) dug by archaeologists (more at BBC)
  • Possible indications of Neolithic at Andrah Pradesh discovered by freelance archaeologist (more at The Hindu - not a very clear story)
  • Neanderthals and Sapiens probably diverged long ago because of teeth morphology (more at Science Daily).
I already mentioned this last story earlier in relation to the latest Neanderthal Genome controversial molecular clock guesstimates, which caused palaeoanthropologist Aida Gómez, of the Atapuerca team, pointing to her older works on the matter saying: no way, it's more like one million years. It seems that the story is still bouncing around, now in English.

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