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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Freedom Flotilla (6): all activists released, bodies flown to Turkey

According to
Ynet News and also to Haaretz, both Israeli media outlets (handle with care), all survivors of the Freedom Flotilla, excepting seven severely injured who are being treated in hospitals at Israel but including the four Palestinians who had earlier been brought to trial, have finally been released.

Israeli courts accepted the argument of the defense that they could not be charged for being in ships attacked by Israel in international waters.

The bodies of the nine people (apparently the latest figure) murdered by Israel at sea have been flown to Turkey. Their identities are still not known, at least to me.

Turkish members of the flotilla got a well deserved heroes welcome at their arrival at Ankara, reports Desert Peace.

Declarations of Israeli ambassador in Washington evidence that the murderous attack against the Mavi Marmara was premeditated, reports Window into Palestine. The use of the term "nonviolent" in his declarations is absurd and offensive, by the way: Israel does not know what is nonviolence. He seems to mean "less violent" or "non-murderous" means, nothing else.

WiP also reports on Israeli MP aboard flotilla, Haneen Zoubi, denouncing that the goal of the criminal attack was to scare off further convoys. This seems obvious but what they have really achieved is the opposite: increased support for the Free Gaza project and most probably more and more resolute such convoys. As I said above, Israel with its violent neonazi ideology has no idea of what nonviolence means and, as I said in a comment here at Leherensuge on Monday, they have not, they cannot instill fear with such tactics, just rage, maybe pity.

They have achieved exactly the opposite of what they meant to. This cartoon describes it well:

What Israel has achieved with its gangster style is, at least to some extent, unite the civil societies at both sides of the Mediterranean above our cultural differences and, more often than not, above the stands of our weak and corrupt governments.

Again there is a single Humankind united by the blood spilled on the turquoise waters of the Mare Nostrum, by our love and admiration for the heroes of the Freedom Flotilla and by our determination to see the people imprisoned in the Gaza Ghetto and all those oppressed by the Palestine Apartheid (aka Israel) free and dignified.

The same blog has another article on how the only qualification needed to be in the US government seems to be unconditional love for Israel. It is based on a Haaretz article on the meaningless riff-raffs between Likudniks and Labor-Zionists on who is more Zionist than the other. In my opinion they all suck equally and US subservience to the Zionist International is really pitiful.

And this that comes now is something that really shames me, insults my humankind and boils my blood. But still I must show it:

The individual above is a Zionist counter-demonstrator at San Francisco, California (source), and what he is advocating for is for the Palestinian Holocaust. These monsters, these most vile criminals, these Jewish Nazis are not satisfied by ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people from their lands and dumping them by millions into a tiny strip of land. They are not satisfied with then bombing them with napalm and depleted uranium, nor with cutting them off from all but the very essentials and still calling them "terrorists" when they dare to defend themselves maybe throwing a powerless rock against a tank.

No these bastard sons of Hitler won't rest until they can be fully compared with the murderer of their ancestors, until they can reproduce to the tiniest detail the ovens of Auschwitz and Matthaussen.

That is Israel, that is Zionism.

And I'm not exaggerating: that is exactly the plan that at least many Zionists, the most vocal and determined ones, have: to exterminate or deport all Palestinians and make everything from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River (at least) Jewish-only land. Never mind they just arrived yesterday.

No words can really express what I feel in front of that, just determination to keep my stand and make what I can to make the much needed changes happen, to make Justice real again.

The Rachel Corrie is expected to arrive to Gaza on Saturday if Hitler's bastards don't prevent it. You can sign a statement of support here, as well as a petition to the UN to investigate the crime perpetrated by Israel on Monday.

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