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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flotilla (11): most returned bodies were shot by the back

Autopsies have revealed that five of the nine returned bodies were shot in the back or in the back of their heads. Some were repeatedly shot.

That is the case of the young Turco-American Furkan Dogan, who was shot five times at close range in the face, back of the head, back and leg (twice). Similarly, 61 y.o. Ibrahim Bilgen was shot four times (temple, chest, hip and back).

Source: Al Jazeera.

In the same article there's also a declaration of Turkish PM, T. Erdogan, defending Hamas legitimacy:

[They] are resistance fighters fighting for their land. They are Palestinians.

They won an election and now they are in Israel's prisons. I told this to the Americans, that I do not accept Hamas as a terrorist group.

The details of some of the killings are now coming to light. Window into Palestine reports that Cevdet Kiliçlar was shot on the head as response to him taking photos of Israeli murders aboard the Mavi Maramara. He was shot on the head and died almost instantly.

Testimonies of survivors

Sarah Colborne:

Source: Window into Palestine

David Segarra (in Spanish):

Source: Palestine Video

Rachel Corrie

The Qatari news site also reports that Israeli warships are hunting the Rachel Corrie as it approaches Gaza, having jammed its radar.

Justice just reported 12 minutes ago that the Malayo-Irish ship has refused "order to stop" by the Zionist pirate squad.


Chet said...

They were murdered Execution Style. Something your would expect from the mafia.

Maju said...

... or the Israeli army. Not that the Zionists have any concern for legality or human rights, really. :(