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Friday, June 4, 2010

Freedom Flotilla (9): radio contact with the Rachel Corrie lost

According to
Gara newspaper all radio contact with the peace ship Rachel Corrie, that is sailing towards Gaza loaded with much needed aid and even more needed love and hope, has been lost. The news article has a time stamp of 8:35 CET, two hours ago and is sourced to EFE agency, citing Audrey Bomse, attorney of Free Gaza.

We don't know where the ship is because we have lost radio contact with it. We suppose that Israel has intefered the system, she said.

Who cares?

In a related news item, Israeli ambassador in Spain, Raphael Schultz has compared the killings of peace activists with traffic accidents, saying:

Yes, nine people have died in that action but 155 died in a terrorist attack in India last week. Who cares? Have you heard anything about that? 23 Spaniards died at the reads last weekend.


RTX said...

Maju have you seen the new study on Jewish genetics as published by Nature?

How does the test the theory of Anatolian origin in your view? Any opinions? Care to write up a post?

Maju said...

Hi, Sync. I don't have access to the full paper and won't have it for 6 months (that's the pay per view policy of AJHG) unless someone sends me a copy (wink, wink). I'm not just poor but I also never buy stuff online because of security concerns.

I have read the news article bit until I see the data I can't really judge. The first impression is that it may support the Anatolian hypothesis (and rejects the Khazar one) but someone at Dienekes' protested that the lack of Sephardi data makes the paper less valuable than it should be.

In any case I welcome the direct comparison with Turks, Syrians, Greeks and Italians, a much belated approach.

I'm not probably writing anything on anthropology until this Gaza issue is over. I really don't feel like almost anything else is important right now and thanks to the Zionist sympathies of most mainstream media, gathering information on what's going on re. Free Gaza is most difficult.

My apologies. I may decide to split the blog into science and a politics sections later on this summer. Unsure.

Maju said...

There is a nice post and discussion at Dienekes but sadly they failed to compare with non-Jewish Aegean peoples.

However once again they stand in the PC graph where Turks should be, strongly suggesting at least a partial Anatolian, rather than Palestinian origin. They relate well to Palestinians anyhow but even better to Druzes who are an outsider group with Aegean origins mostly.