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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oaxaca caravan stopped

I reported yesterday on the solidarity caravan with the Triqui people of Oaxaca, that has constituted itself in autonomous municipality in order to confront the many abuses of the oligarchy, suffering since then the attacks and total siege of a paramilitary gang called UBISORT, which is supported by the authorities and oligarchs.

The caravan made most of its planned journey in spite of police harassment while solidarity demonstrations took place in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Greece. However upon arrival to the Triqui district they decided to stop and go back to Huajanapan de León because it was very apparent that UBISORT militias were ready to ambush them, shooting at the distance in sign of warning.

The demonstration at Mexico DF was also attacked and the reports say that Oaxaca City is now full of policemen in plain clothes.

The caravan has yet to decide if they make a second attempt to breach the paramilitary siege of the indigenous community, which is in dire need of everything.

More information (in Spanish) at La Haine, Indymedia Chiapas and Radio Plantón (audio).

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