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Friday, June 18, 2010

China: communist or capitalist?

For me there's no doubt: it's capitalism under a "socialist" pretext, much like Mussolini's fascism and such, but anyhow, the following lecture by Fred Weston from In Defense of Marxism is a very interesting dip in the twists of this difficult-to-define type of system.

It's a long video, not sure of the exact time but probably more than an hour, however it's very worth watching (or just listening as you would with an audio) and the lecture as such takes only a little more than half of it, the rest being questions and answers on more or less related matters.

Source: In Defense of Marxism

Notice: I do not necesarily agree with all the details or viewpoints of Weston and, of course, I have no affiliation with the International Marxist Tendency, which is the political organization behind IDM (in fact I hold no affiliation to any single organization at this period of my life, though I do have sympathies and dislikes, of course). In any case I reckon that IDM has good information on class struggle worldwide and also generally good analysis that I share to at least some extent. One thing that I appreciate is that they communicate in a language that is not pretentiously erudite (as happens with some, let's say, "elitist pseudo-Marxists") and that they seem to acknowledge the natural diversity of the real struggles of the working class for dignity and self-rule.

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Manju Edangam said...

Chinese bureaucracy must be the most brilliant one on the face of the earth. They observe, study and implement reforms.