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Friday, June 4, 2010

Freedom Flotilla (8): the truth comes out

I am still having these most strange intermittent disconnections from the Internet. Oddly enough they only seem to happen when I using my browser (either one) but not when I'm playing online, which goes swiftly as long as I do not open a browser. I have made a virus scan and have not detected anything but the case is that I cannot use the Internet at the moment with the ease I should and hence my reporting activity is being handicapped.

Still, with patience I can do something like reporting that the testimonies of the people aboard the flotilla are being gathered at a new blog: Gaza Flotilla Survivors. It's a must read. You'll find out how the Zionist commandos started shooting at the Mavi Marmara before physically boarding it, how people was shot at close range and how a baby was threatened to force the captain to surrender the ship. And that is just part of it.

Scary, sure. But it is not like we are going to be allowed ourselves to be scared by a bunch of mafioso nazis, right?

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