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Friday, June 18, 2010

Amnesty International denounces Gaza blockade continuity

The chorus of voices against the criminal blockade of Gaza continues growing. Now Amnesty International has denounced that the alleged "easing" of the blockade by Israel is nothing but a whitewash and that the Zionist state does not mean to actually comply with international law and stop punishing the people of Gaza as a whole.

In a press releaste, , Malcom Smart, AI Director for the Middle East and North Africa, declared:

This announcement sets clear that Israel does not intend to put an end to the collective punishment against the people of Gaza but only to mitigate it. This is not enough.

Although we must congratulate about any measure that smoothers the terrible humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Israel must comply with his obligations as occupying power under international law and immediately end the blockade.

As important as allowing the entrance of merchandises into Gaza is to allow their exit, something not mentioned in the government's announcement. The ban on most exports, on raw materials, on the free movement of people, has destroyed Gaza's economy.

Source: Gara (in Spanish).

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