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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama and Rahm Emanuel probably blessed the Flotilla massacre in advance

That is the opinion of Michel Chossudovski, who notes that the US Chief of Staff (Prime Minister), Rahm Emanuel, visited Israel and talked with Netanyahu just before Israel decided to intercept the Freedom Flotilla by military means in international waters, resulting in the massacre of Monday.

Full article at Global Research.

Image of the May 26 meeting (from Voltaire Net)

Emanuel, the second most powerful man in the USA (and by extension the World), is an Israeli citizen whose father was a member of terrorist and genocidal fascist organization Irgun, notorious for its attacks against civilian targets. His personal style is no better than his father's, as he is notorious for his irate and hyper-aggressive style at politics, that have gained him the nickname of Rahmbo.

He has been accused of being an Israeli secret agent.


Anne Gilbert said...


No wonder Obama isn't getting any good directon
Anne G

Maju said...

Those like me who read left-wing critics, like James Petras, and are used to distrust politicians by default and read between lines know that for long.

Obama had a nice discourse in the Democrat Party primaries but as soon as he won them he dropped most of that discourse and started offering a mere empty one of "hope" and "change" with little substance behind. Of course after 8 years of that idiot of George Walker as president (after rigging elections not just once but twice), US citizens massively voted him anyhow with much hope (that has been mostly betrayed, that was betrayed even before inauguration when Obama remained strangely silent before Operation Cast Lead, the direct origin of this week's events).

More than a year ago Petras already denounced him as "the first Jewish President" of the USA (meaning Zionist) because of his background as the young promise of the Zionist Lobby ("left" wing). His cabinet is full of fanatic Zionists (Clinton for example), even if Emanuel is the most obvious one.

See for example the six pages of article excerpts/links dedicated to the Obama administration at Voltaire Net (by different authors and not always clearly negative).

Just consider how Guantanamo concentration camp (with mostly trivial bad luck prisoners) still exists (against his campaign promises) or how US troops persist in Iraq (against campaign promises). It's not just Obama, IMO, it's the whole Democratic Party (with some honorable exceptions) and the whole bipartisan system. The US People's alternative must be built from scratch (what is very difficult, I know).

Also I want to say that all this deception and fake democracy is not privative of the USA but, sadly, is a very generalized problem. However, as the USA is the only superpower, it is necesarily the focus of attention, not only inside its borders. US people (as the only ones entitled to vote for the office of Emperor of the World and related institutions) have an incredible global responsibility (a true burden), though not only them of course.

Jean said...

On the other hand, Israeli right-wingers are cursing Emanuel as a "hater of Israel", and accusing Obama of an anti-Israeli stance.

"I think it is disgraceful that Mr. Rahm Emanuel should be allowed to go the Western Wall when he is clearly a hater of Israel who would give all this away to the Palestinians," right-wing activist Itamar Ben Gvir told McClatchy Newspapers. "We will continue to make it clear that we do not want them here."

Read more:

Jean said...

Israeli Heckler Calls Rahm Emanuel "Anti-Semite"

You are an anti-Semite, a hypocrite who hates Israel!" Ben-Gvir shouted. "You want Israel to return to the 1967 borders. Shame on you!"

Many Israelis feel betrayed by Emanuel, whose father is Israeli. They blame him for what they see as President Obama's anti-Israel policy.

Ties between Israel and the U.S. have plummeted since Mr. Obama took office last year. The President demanded a freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and disputed East Jerusalem, charging that the settlements were an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians.

Maju said...

Good cop, bad cop?

All that noise is essentially, for what I know, an aesthetic dispute between the "right" (Likud-AIPAC) and the "left" (Labor-JStreet) inside Zionism. But extremist or "moderate" all agree in supporting Israel unconditionally.

The US government had a clear opportunity this week to make a clear stand and at least formally condemn Israel for its unnecessary and murderous violence against peace activists.

In fact the US can, in principle, at any time decide "enough with Israeli arrogance, we are taking the reins" and do something real about the genocide and apartheid in Palestine.

For example, cutting subsidies would really harm Israel, which is so extremely dependent on foreign aid that would have no choice but to accept what Washington says.

But... the USA won't do that. Not under Obama and not under any other political scenario that can be foreseen right now.

Sadly not. A lot has to change yet. Meanwhile Israel impunely murders people in Palestine and elsewhere.

But things are beginning to change and the Free Gaza project in particular, with their incredible courage and peaceful willpower are a key element to this change, sort of a Greenpeace of the 21st century.

One thing that you can feel that has changed is that the civil societies at both sides of the Mediterranean, above our cultural differences, are being reunited by the sacrifice of these still unnamed martyrs of Peace and Dignity.

Maju said...

Jean: you may want to read this article at Haaretz. It's most relevant: how every single US officer must demonstrate he/she is a sturdy Zionist before being approved. Even Jews must do that today.

The control by Zionists (foreign agents) of the USA is really sick, something that no sovereign nation should have to pass through. But it is much more astonishing when this nation is the only global superpower.

It reminds me somewhat of how Christianity took over the Roman Empire (another incredible story with Jewish roots) but at that time there was no Zionist colonial project and anyone could convert (often had to).

Jean said...

"It's most relevant: how every single US officer must demonstrate he/she is a sturdy Zionist before being approved."

The article does not say that. It is talking about the Zionist lobby in the US, which certainly exists and certainly has a powerful voice. But it is not a part of the official process. :)

Jean said...

Extremists on both sides of any divide can be relied upon to make extreme statements.

Nothing less than total, unconditional support for Israel will satisfy hard-line Zionists and many of the US Republican right, who campaigned against Obama with (false) claims that he is a Muslim. In fact some members of his family are Muslim. That has enabled him to extend the hand of friendship to the Muslim world with at least a degree of credibility.

But that naturally led to deep suspicion of Obama in Israel, despite him stating clearly that he sees Israel as a good friend to the US. He can't win. :)

Maju said...

Well, the official process is maybe not part of the real process.

I don't live in the USA and I don't know all the details but everyone knowledgeable really smells pork in the kosher food.

Here there are nearly no Jews, you know: they were all graciously converted to "the only truthful faith" by the Holy Inquisition or sent to the Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco and the American colonies 500 years ago. Exactly the same happened to Muslims. There is a discreet Zionist Lobby presence though but they tend to be quiet because, you know, Europe is "mostly harmless" and also mostly pro-Palestinian (though we liked more ol' good pro-Soviet Arafat than these Islamo-Democrats of today, I guess).

But back to The States, I'll cite my favorite Jewish Muslim conservative source in these matters: Joachim Martillo, Ashkenazi of clear Sephardic ancestry (his surname means "hammer" in Spanish)...

Ouch, I have been searching for like an hour and can't find the relevant post where it's evident that, in spite of being just 2% of US citizens, Jews (all them Zionists) control like 50% or more of all key power positions in finance and media (and the rest are also Zionists even if non-Jewish). What is kind of WTF?!

Now they are also taking over the government, the supreme court (3 Jews, 6 Catholics), etc. It's the liquidation of the "American Republic" in favor of the International Zionist Mafia. Unbelievable but very real.

Anyhow take a look at Martillo's blog. With a little luck or patience you will get an idea.

For a leftist denounce of the same ugly phenomenon read James Petras' work.

In general I think that the real left is pretty much aware of this ugly Zionist domination of the US Empire, while among the right only Islamists (and probably some neonazis but I don't deal with those) are.

It's astonishing but very real. One would expect WASPs to be in control of the key resorts of the USA but not so much anymore, really. There are many, of course, but all are tightly involved with the Zionist Lobby, like Clinton and Obama (not WASP but does it really matters anymore?)

No ethnic minority has ever achieved so much power, much less with so small numbers: not the Italians, not the Irish, not the Polish, not the Blacks, not the Hispanics, not the Chinese... all these minorities are much larger but they wield at most limited power. Instead the organized Jewry (Zionist Lobby) is all-powerful, via their control of the media and the finances.

I would not care so much if Israel would be in Utah or Montana but it's right over here, you know and most around here do not want it. So it's our direct problem and we are going to solve it.

Jean said...

This sounds like old-fashioned anti-Semitism. When I was a child, I asked my father why the Jews were so hated by the Nazis. He replied "Because they are intelligent. And they work hard. So they made money." Simple, ugly, genocidal jealousy.

The average IQ of Ashkenasi Jews is 15 points higher than the average for other Caucasians. The whole bell curve is higher. This means that the proportion of A. Jews at the genius level is far higher than would be expected from their % of the population. The proportion of A. Jews in academic positions is likewise higher. A staggering proportion of Nobel Prize-winners have been A. Jews.

To those to whom much is given, much is expected and A. Jews have delivered. They are not taking anything away from you. They have given to us all.

Google was created by two A. Jews. They have made millions and I don't begrudge them a penny of it. Google is doing good things with its income. And that it on top of providing me with what I need - an excellent search engine every day.

Jean said...

I should add that I don't approve of Israeli policies of violence against Palestinians, including assassinations, or the blockade, or the endless Israeli settlements in the West Bank. All of this is in my view not only inhumane, but counter-productive.

I was pleased to see Obama take a slightly firmer line with Israel than previous presidents.

Maju said...

"This sounds like old-fashioned anti-Semitism. When I was a child, I asked my father why the Jews were so hated by the Nazis. He replied "Because they are intelligent. And they work hard. So they made money." Simple, ugly, genocidal jealousy."

Genocidal would be if we wanted to exterminate them. Personally I am a commie, so I only want to expropriate them and to restore Palestine to its people in full.

They are not "intelligent", that's a myth perpetuated by the Lobby's ethnic promotion policies. Of course there are some Jews that are intelligent but overall they are just average.

Your dad did not tell you the truth, only part of the truth. They also hated them because the capitalist class was to some extent Jewsih. But nothing like today's USA, really.

And it's not that they succeed because they are individually smart but because they are collectively smart: it's a self-promoting social and economic network of huge dimansions. An ethnic mafia, not different from the Camorra but much larger and more powerful.

It's the Jews who acknowledge it. Luckily, because otherwise you'd accuse me of anti-semitism. But I'm not anti-semitic: I respect those Jews who deserve respect, specially those who oppose Israel.

Maju said...

In fact I'm astonished that you just go and use the old Zionist cover up of accusing me and other Jews of "antisemitism" just because we dare state the facts: that the US elite is extremely penetrated, almost to the exclusion of anybody else by Zionist Jews and non-Jews.

Your discourse is not legit: you are saying that an ethnic minority is entitled to exploit and oppress a whole nation and the whole world just because they are Jews and that denouncing it is "antisemitic"?!

You know what? I crap on your "antisemitic" tag! The only antisemitics today are Zionists who hate semites (Arabs) and love nazis (Israelis). That is antisemitism today!

Don't come here if you are going to defend Zionism with those cheap pretexts. I do not want NaZionistz in my blog!

It really gets to my nerves that the oppressor accuses me of oppression and the racist accuses me or racism. It's so twisted and low.

Go to to live to Gaza and then tell me what is Antisemitsm. Israel is Antisemitic.


Maju said...

"Google was created by two A. Jews."

I never knew they were Jews. I never know anybody is Jewish. When I was a kid Jews were invisible: they were Austrians, Americans, Russians... very few were Jews. Now everyone is Jew, even those who are not because "being Jewish" (or at least Zionist) is profitable, very profitable.

I'm Jewish too: I was raised as Christian (a Jewish sect) and who knows how many Jewish ancestors I may have. Judaism is a religion and otherwise we all are Jews and Palestinians too.

But AIPAC is a mafia and Israel is the cornerstone of that mafia, which they use to wash money and terrorize us (yes, they have threatened Europe more than once). And that's a problem.

I don't oppose only Israel violence now and then I oppose the very genocidal act that was the foundation of the state of Israel as a White European colony in the territory of others. And I oppose the racist apartheid system that bears by name Israel.

Israel is Nazi and that's it. So down with Nazi Israel.

Anne Gilbert said...


The Israeli government(and I emphasize "government" here), has certainly committed a crime by doing what it did to that flotilla. And yes, there is a definite "Israel lobby" in the US. You can pretty much tell these people. I call them Screaming Supporters of Israel, because every time the Israeli government commits an outrage like this, they scream their outrage at Gazans or Palestinians or anybody else who doesn't toetheir line about Israel, in letters to the editor, on blogs, etc., etc.,

Having said this, I think, unfortunately, your last response was, well, intemperate. There are Jews(and I know some) who are not Zionists, and don't support the policies re the Palestinians, of the present Israeli government. This should be firmly kept in mind. Furthermore, there is growing support for this anti-Israeli government among many Jews.

Finally, I would like to say that like many people in my generation, I was fed a lot of myths about Israel and its founding. In these myths, the Israelis were always the "good guys". As I grew older and learned a bit more, I began to see these myths for exactly what they were. BTW, I'm not Jewish, but I learned very early that millions of Jews had been killed by the Nazis, which has made me quite sympathetic to Jewish people in general. At one time in my life, I also was acquainted with a fair number of Arabs and Palestinians, and I developed a good deal of sympathy for their position as well. This may seem a bit "confused" to you, But it isn't ordinary Jews who are to blame for the current mess, and other historical blunders by the Israeli government against Palestinians -- it's their guvernment, which a good many people in Israel itself do not support.

One last thing. I'm not Jewish, let alone Palestinian. I'm of Irish descent, if you really want to know. In any case, I think one should squarely lay the blame for this latest incident where it belongs.
Anne G

Maju said...

I'm having horrible Internet problems each time I connect to Google (blogger, gmail, etc.) and only then (curious to say the least). Hence this reply will be necessarily brief.

Anne: I was replying to Jean and I was outraged when she accused Mr. Martillo, a Jew, and by extension me too, of anti-semitism just because stating the obvious: that there is an ethnic Jewish mafia that is not distinct from the Zionist Lobby and that they control the USA before everybody's noses.

It does not imply anything about Jews in general, even if according to Zionist sites, some 80 or 90% of Jews at least in the USA are criminally supportive of Israel no matter what (and that means also when it murders children, destroys homes, practices genocide or kills pacifists at international waters).

There are of course many Jews who honor their people by being honest and behaving primarily as humans and not as racist genocidal mobs.

IDK in Ireland but here, as I said before Jews and Muslims were forced to convert and assimilate and hence it's most likely that all us have Jewish ancestors at some point in our genealogical trees. I certainly have some ancestors whose ethnic roots are not too clear and could well be of convert Jewish origin (or not). That is also the case of all Palestinians, who are essentially the true Jews who converted (largely by coertion) first to Christianity and then to Islam (both Judaic religions - and Islam maybe more genuine than Rabbinic Judaism).

For you it may be taboo to state the obvious but for me it is not. Waving the ghost of "anti-semitism" is a too old and wasted strategy by murderous Zionists to provide some sort of cover for their heinous crimes and to force the critics to shut up.

I am not shutting up.

And, not sure if it matters, but I'm also against Islam and Christianity, against the burka and the Opus Dei, against the Ayatollahs and in favor of eating pork unless you are a strict vegetarian.

Maju said...

The blame is of all who support Israel, Jews and non-Jews: Zionists all.

And it is not an "incident" (Zionist hasbara) it is a heinous massacre, a war crime, a crime against Humankind.

People cannot hide behind anti-anti-semitism because the only anti-semites here are Zionists.

Anne Gilbert said...


My purpose here was not to inquire into your religious or nonreligious beliefs, but to make sure everyone contributing to this forum understands that there are differences between the Israeli government, the people of Israel, who can be Christians or Muslims, though the majority of them are, at least for the moment, Jews, and Jews who live in other parts of the world. To point the finger at the Israeli government for its heavy handed approaches to things like aid to occurrences like the fight on the recent fight on the convoy to Gaza is not, IMO, antisemitism. On the contrary, it most likely is antisemitism if somebody starts claiming *the Jews" are responsible for these tragic events, and furthermore, they literally make matzohs out of human blood, or some such. And, unfortunately, there are at least some antisemites who hide behind the anti-Zionist label. And yes, there is a strong, and unfortunate streak of antisemitism among(some) Arabs and Muslims.

Finally, living where you do, It is very, very possible that you have Jewish(0r Muslim) ancestry. Some genetic tests will give you a clue, I think, if you're interested. And finally, I don't want you to shut up. I may disagree with you on some things, but I think conversations like these, whether I agree with you or not, are very, very, valuable, and there should be more of them.
Anne G

Maju said...

Anne (and Jean is she's still reading): I apologize for reacting angrily, not really because I feel less angry (not really) but because it's not conductive, it doesn't help me to get understood.

I understand that using the very term "antisemitism" in a discussion on the Zionist Lobby/Mafia or the genocidal tendencies of Israel is a mere ideological attempt to try to shut up to those who are pointing the finger to the real facts and unveiling the truth. Zionists use that all the time and it's a wasted tactic, a morally low tactic and an insult to all the real victims of historical antisemitism.

The claim by Jean above that all other ethnicities are plainly dumb as worms as explanation for the incredibly high Jewish/Zionist control of key power resorts such as banking and the media is highly offensive for all non-Jews and is a logical impossibility as well. There is an organized mafia and the fact that it is organized around a Jewish ethnic core does not make denunciation of it "antisemitism", the very same that denouncing the Sicilian mafia does not amount to "antiitalianism", etc.

If someone said that I'm anti-Calabrian because I published a post some weeks ago about the N'Dranghetta and its growing control of the coca trade would be absurd and would really justify that I'd burst in anger at such idiotic claim. The same that would be if someone called me antiamerican or whatever other nonsense.

However some people, more often than not, lackeys of these very mafias and power networks which in fact control the World to a large extent, use such arguments to distract us from the real issue and to delegitimize their critics.

I cannot bear that and I won't bear that abuse. There is no discrimination against Jews anywhere but there is discrimination in favor of Jews and specially those Jews and non-Jews who support Israel and the Zionist Mafia. That is racism, Jewish racism against the rest and is a clear case of ethnically organized plutocracy and tantamount of ethnic tyranny.

And that must be dennounced. You may agree or not but that gives you no reason to use the word "antisemitism", much less against a Jew who is helping the good people of all the World to unveil the Zionist Network.

Of course all inter-ethnic issues have some potentiality to misunderstanding and cultural clash but I see absolutely no reason to put Jews in any special place and grant them special protection, they are like any other ethnicity... wouldn't be for the racist attitude of Israel, what is a shame and a real pain for all people of good will but specially for Jews because Israel claims to act in their name.

There is no country in the world since the collapse of apartheid South Africa that is as racist as Israel and I doubt that there is any state anywhere since the suicide of Hitler that is as genocidal as Israel is.

And we are all really flippant at the boot-licking attitude that the USA has towards Israel, when it could objectively do otherwise, specially now that the Cold War is over. And that has only one explanation: the quasi-total grip that the Zionist Lobby has on that republic in particular.

The Zionist Lobby is the real only voter in the USA: what they say is done, who they want in this or that office gets there and who is even slightly critical gets kicked badly and bitten by the prey dogs of that cartel.

Sad, unbelievable but very real. There's not a single mildly antizionist politician today in the USA, at least in position of real power of any sort. If I ask you why you will have to admit sooner than later that this is because the media would tear him/her to pieces, as happened with Michaels, who just happened to consider the Arab position on the conflict.

And that's it: is the USA a democracy or a Zionist-controlled mediacrazy? Sadly nowadays it's the later.

Maju said...

"On the contrary, it most likely is antisemitism if somebody starts claiming *the Jews" are responsible for these tragic events"...

Wantingly or not, the Jews are responsible as collectivity for this. Not only them but specially them. Whatever legitimacy Israel has it has because it claims to represent the Jewish people, so every Jew who does not speak up against this is implicitly accepting that Israel is doing this in their name.

I know perfectly that most Jews are almost powerless about Israel and the Zionist Lobby but, as these organizations claim to speak in their name, as long as they shy from confronting them they are accepting they are co-responsible.

There's absolutely no antisemitism in this: it is exactly the same as saying that the US-American people is responsible from what their government does, unless they take a clear stand against it. It is the same for every ethnicity and nation that is claimed to be represented by this or that organization or state.

You cannot shrug off your responsibility from what authorities do in your name.

But anyhow, it was not what I said. What I said is that if 80% or of US Jews supported (in a poll by a Jewish organization at least) the criminal murder of civilians in Gaza last year, it's evident that they are responsible because they agree with it. Otherwise, do like Chet or Jocachim and stand up against those crimes. Or at least don't give Israel your inconditional support just because "they represent" or "embody the Jewish people worldwide".

Don't come with the holocaust story again, please. We all know that it was a horrible mass crime and it's one of the main reasons why I am antifascist and therefore anti-Israel.

The key word is WAS: it happened when my mother was not even born... I have to face the reality of today, which may be rooted in that past but which is not the past. Today's Nazi Germany is Zionist Israel and whoever supports Israel is like those who supported Hitler almost a century ago.

And is not only for us. Chet, another antizionist Jew and a great person for what I know him, has a very nice article today by Yossi Sarid, who is also Jewish and Israeli, explaining how that Nazi parallel is very true also inside Israel and also against Jews who dare to disagree.

Maju said...

"And, unfortunately, there are at least some antisemites who hide behind the anti-Zionist label".

Not that I know. That's a false blanket slate accusation.

There are though many Nazis who hide behind the anti-antisemitism machine gun of insults. You don't need to be German to be Nazi, you can be Jewish or whatever: just a supremacist of your own group.

For me there is no such thing as antisemitism, there is racism, there is xenophobia and there is intolerance but something specifically oriented against the Jews is a total nonsense. To be antisemitic I'd need first to be racist and xenophobic and mostly I am not.

Antisemitism might have made some sense in the Germany and Poland of the early 20th century because Jews were like 10% of the population, making them stand out as a significant other and hence become a main target of generically racist ideologies like Nazism. The Jews of the USA are the Blacks and now probably Hispanics too and in Israel the Jews are the Palestinians.

And therefore today's antisemitism is the blockade of Gaza and the Wall of Shame and the "arrest everybody just in case" law of Arizona.

Everything else is just a distraction maneouver by Zionists. Wasting my time and insulting me and my intelligence.

But Goebbels dixit: a lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth. So hereby I ask you two to stop repeating those lies and stop parroting "antisemitism" each time that Israeli and Zionist crimes and power strategies are put on the table.

It's a game we played as kids: "you cannot use the word... antisemitism". Try it. ;)

"Some genetic tests will give you a clue"...

I really don't care. I like to think I have ancestry from everywhere, though in fact I don't like some, many, of the ancestors I knew personally, at least in many aspects.

Anyhow the lines are not those that can be detected by Y- or mt-DNA tests. My purely patrilineal and purely matrilineal ancestries are both very local with local surnames. It's the rest which is partly exotic and in some cases ill known. But the haploid lineages probably go to those who decorated Altamira and Arenaza caves. :)

Maju said...

Not Altamira, Santimamiñe cave. Oops. :)

Anne Gilbert said...

Maju and all:

I think Yossi Sarid is right in the outlines of his scenario. But I also think he's using the word "Zionists" somewhat differently, in this case meaning people who used the idea of an Israel for the Jews as a sort of politcal plank, then proceed to bludgeon compliance to others. In the US, some anti-Zionists, and I emphasize "some" here, unfortunately use the term "Zionism" more generally.
Anne G

Maju said...

Zionism is a political and economical momevent whose ideological cornerstone is Israel and Jewish ethnic power. In other words: Jewish supremacism.

Israel alone could not survive, certainly not at the levels of arrogance and racism it displays, but Israel with the unconditional support of the USA is practically invulnerable.

That's why Zionists need to control the USA and are doing it.

Though others will say that Israel is just a pretext and power-mongering Zionists like Rahmbo, Clinton and Obama, simply want power and wealth using Israel (and clichés such "antisemitism") as a rally call for all Jews in The States and Worldwide.

I wouldn't like to be the zombie slave of that mafia really, I wouldn't like to be parroting "antisemitism" each time the nastiness and omnipresence of the Israel Lobby is denounced.

Sorry but the truth sometimes is ugly. The world is not as they say on TV. And the Zionist lobby is a key piece of the International Capitalist Networks and an incredibly powerful real party, the only real party in fact, in the USA and also in Europe, though here they are less vocal, maybe because most European Jews and Europeans in general are hostile to Israel.

The ugly reality of apartheid Israel is too close and too hot to us to ignore.