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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Noain 1521

Noain, a day like yesterday 489 years ago. Noain, June 25 1521: eight thousand Basques and Gascons fought an uneven battle against some 30 thousand Castilians. Five thousand defenders were killed. After almost a decade of struggle for the sovereignty of Navarre, since the Castilian invasion of 1512, the Basque patriots were finally defeated at the outskirts of Pamplona.

Popular homage to the defenders of Navarre (from Gara)

There would be still some resistance: the battle of Amaiur, the uprising of Hondarribia but since then Upper Navarre was effectively annexed to Castile.

Of course, resistance continues even today. You cannot really conquer a proud nation, not in five hundred years.

Some references (in Spanish):
· Hala Bedi Irratia: La Batalla de Noain y la Contradicción de San Marcial
· Nabarralde (editorial): ¿Por qué recordar Noain?
· Nabarralde (Usue Sorauren): Por qué recordar Noain
· Nabarralde/Noticias de Navarra (interview with Floren Aoiz): El Gobierno esconde la conquista de 1512 porque deslegitima la situación política actual
· Noticias de Navarra (interview with historian Tomás Urzanqui Mina): La llamada historia oficial de Navarra es una gigantesca impostura

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