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Leherensuge on Genetics:

Originally posted at the new blog For what they were we are. This list is maybe incomplete but should serve as quick reference for most of what I posted here on Genetics.

In reverse timestamp order (newest first) within each category. For quick reference.

Mitochondrial DNA
Reconstruction of mtDNA spread in Eurasia (again) (my state-of-the-art reconstruction)


Paper on African mtDNA (trans-Saharan flow and Orientalist fantasies)
Eurasian Y-DNA note (my state-of-the-art Y-DNA flows' reconstruction)

Autosomal DNA

Paper on human autosomal phylogenetics (organizing the genome in a phylogeny)
Central Eurasian genetic specificity detected (neither East nor West but themselves)
Jews are 'Phoenicians', Palestinians are 'Jews' (the truth of Western Jewish and Palestinian origins finally clarified)
Genetic comparisons of Basques and Jews (separately: two papers discussed in same article)
East Asian autosomal genetics (second round) (third look at the HUGO paper)
East Asian autosomal DNA (working note) (second look at the HUGO paper)
Genetics of the Mlabri, Austroasiatic hunter-gatherers in Thailand (East Asian autosomal DNA phylogenetic study supporting a southern origin)
East Asians originated in SE Asia (first look at the HUGO paper)

Ancient DNA

X Woman (Denisova finger)
Neanderthal genes less likely to be with us (some genetic myths dispelled)

Molecular clock

Sentence of the year (molecular compass

The 'Homer Simpson' gene found (a gene that makes mice and us stupid)
A couple of genetic papers I'd love to read (African autosomal structure showing Mozambican difference and a good research on European R1b, got the second already)
Positive selection favoring disease genes (counterintuitive dynamic equilibrium)
Breaking the seals of Life (functional bacterial DNA engineered out of chemicals)
Statistical insignificance (not strictly on genetics but relevant for the field)
Polyamory prevents extinction (in fruit flies at least)
Severe criticism of Bayesian phylogenetics (favors maximum likelihood instead)
Mice without father live longer and other genetic news (bad prospects for GWAS, eigenvectors vs. PCA)
Genes, brains and fractals (quick notes: Pygmy height genes specially)