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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Madrid subway workers to strike for three days

In a massive assembly, the workers of Metro Madrid (the subway or underground) decided to go on legal strike on June 28th but, if the scheduled salary cuts are finally approved, to continue the strike for two more days (29th and 30th) without any sort of minimal services.

This unprecedented and technically illegal measure has been justified by the workers on the grounds that the salary cuts and unilateral revocation of the company's collective agreements by the regional government of Madrid are also illegal.

The right-wing government of Madrid autonomous community has unilaterally decided to cut public salaries by 5%, regardless of individual income, following the orders by the IMF and EU in this sense.

The strike is supported by most unions: UGT, CC.OO., Solidaridad Obrera, Sindicato Libre de Metro, Sindicato de Conductores and Sindicato de Estaciones.

Subway service is vital for the normal functioning of the Spanish metropolis.

Source: La Haine.

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