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Monday, June 28, 2010

This is Bilbao: no kissing

You thought that Talibanism was restricted to countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Saudia and maybe Indonesia... well, it seems not: the (undemocratic) Town Hall of Bilbao has designed a new fascist municipal decree that will forbid many normal recreational activities including, believe it or not, kissing.

For that reason people went out to the streets yesterday to... break the law. Well, would be the case if the decree would have been implemented, not yet but soon.

They did such criminal activities as cooking and eating, flying kites (yes, this was also forbidden in Talibanistan) and the most criminal of all acts: kissing in public!

Ironically, the Town Hall is ruled with the support of the supposedly left-wing party United Left, whose alliance with the Basque Christian-Democrats has severely damaged their prestige and sunk the bloc in a deep internal crisis.

Source: Boltxe Kolektiboa.

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