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Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the ambassador of Israel in Spain

Maybe, in all this stressful week of informations about the Zionist shameless murders and the Freedom Flotilla heroism, you remember that the ambassador of Israel in Spain, Raphael Schutz, totally lost his temper, perspective of reality or just somehow let his dark Nazi-Zionist soul get out of protocol at an interview with newspaper El Períodico... and shamelessly compared the victims of Israeli murders aboard the Mavi Marmara with those of traffic accidents (
mentioned here on Friday), exclaiming "who cares?"

Today, the mother of one of the persons aboard the ship, journalist David Segarra (mentioned here), who yesterday returned to his hometown of Valencia among demonstrations of support, has published an open letter to Schutz that I am translating here integrally:

To the ambassador of Israel in Spain

Mister Schutz:

I am the mother of David Segarra Soler. Now it is 5 am of June 2nd. It is dawning at Valencia and I just learned of the liberation of all those kidnapped in Israeli territory, among them my son.

I must confess that right now I don't feel any hatred to you nor towards the state you represent, not because of an altruist nor noble nor religious reason, but because of pure egoism: hate destroys. A good example of this is being offered by your state to the World. Born from the feeling of collective guilt by a cowardly Europe that was not able to defend its Jewish citizens from another monstrous and self-destroying hate, Nazi hate, it would seem as if history has not taught you anything. You are repeating the same patterns of hatred, of death, of dehumanization of the rival, of occupation of lands, of construction of walls and barbed wire fences, of racial arrogance... just that now the victims do not carry a star sewn to their clothes and the ghetto is not in Warsaw. It is in Gaza and the West Bank.

I will not tell you about the personal hell I have gone through these days. It would be ridiculous when compared with the daily and continuous pain of the Palestinian mothers. I am a lucky woman: my son David comes back from the massacre of the Mavi Marmara alive and well. You may have destroyed his only "lethal weapon": the video-camera. But what you forget in your blind hatred is that human beings have eyes, ears, mouth and memory to tell the World all the horror they have witnessed. And against that, Mr. Schutz, all your powerful propaganda can do nothing.

I bid you farewell without further ado and in the more exciting moment of my life I want to transmit to you, as representative of Israel in my country, my deepest pity. As much pity as immense is the admiration for my son, whom you, with all your terror machinery, have not been able to bring into submission. The same that you will never be able to force the Palestinian People into submission either.

Cristina Soler Crespo.

Source: Ciudad Futura (in Spanish).


Anne Gilbert said...

That was an extremely powerful statement that woman sent. It's really too bad Israel has pretty much stopped up its ears and closed its eyes.

Chet said...

I agree with Anne, that was a very powrful statement. Thank you for translating the letter and posting it. In case you haven't heard yet the Jewish Voice for Peace is sending a boat with mostly Jews aboard to Gaza sometime in July.,7340,L-3899915,00.html

Best Regards:

Maju said...

I just reported on that, among other news. Cheers.