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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Israeli video of Mavi Marmara fight is a hoax

It is a good falsification but not good enough to escape close scrutiny. has uncovered the truth behind the military film that I already hinted as likely fake (just because they have the power to create such illusory media, without really looking much at it admittedly).

Look carefully at the details of the ship, the Israeli model is either a good decoration or even another ship of the same model, very similar in any case, but they are not identical. Particularly obvious is the lack of the ship's name "Mavi Marmara" but there are many other differences:

Found via Window into Palestine.

Considering that the video was released only a few hours after the attack, this must have been filmed prior to the actual massacre, maybe in a training exercise.

It adds evidence to the widespread belief that the murders had been planned in advance.

WiP also informs of newly released video footage of the Mavi Marmara massacre and witness Lara Lee's report at Democracy Now!

It also has an extensive report on the origins of Zionism which I found very interesting.


Nightstudies said...

Since the world has 3 dimensions, pictures taken from slightly different angles don't look identical.

Maju said...

That's precisely why the gif image was made: to correct for the differential angles.

Anyhow, there are a zillion of details that do not match, beginning of course from the name of the ship (mysteriously vanished from the Israeli clip), but followed by many many others: the proportion and curvature of the board sides, the color (white in the original, clearly dark in the Israeli fake) of the little top annex above the cabin, which in the true MM has also many more details and is not just a simple rectangular box, the shape of the tower, specially on the top end (but also the Israeli ship seems to have a curved decoration along the middle, absent in the MM) and many others: handrails, cranes.

You can only say what you did because you have not really looked at the comparison. If you watch the Israeli video, the differences become more and more obvious. The more you watch it the more obvious it is that it's another ship.

So why did the Israeli Army bothered hiring such another similar ship and filming it by night with low light cameras? I think it probably had to roles: one to train the soldiers into the pre-designed massacre and, most importantly, to have such a fake video to release to justify the massacre, regardless of what happened in the real ship.

They expected to be able to jam all communications from the MM but it seems that they had a backup system that the Israelis did not know about at first, what allowed some images to be broadcasted, at least partly breaking the Zionist media control.

Also the diplomatic pressure, specially from Turkey, was much stronger than they could expect. As someone said: it was not a public relations failure but an operation doomed to fail from its very inception.

As I said in the very first hours after the massacre: Israel has shoot itself and it is a serious injury.

You can't fight nonviolence or even self-defensive violence with guns. If you don't keep at least partly the moral high ground you are doomed to lose the grip of even your own population and your most loyal ones. And all the special effects of Holywood cannot change that.

The problem of Israel, of Zionism, is an ethical and hence a legitimacy problem. Without legitimacy you are doomed.

Millán Mozota said...

I'm pissed to say something that would help to justify Israelian Army but i think MAY BE an image in the IR spectrum MAY not show the name of the ship.
You know, what we "see" is reflected light, from the objects in goes into our eyes.
(Visible) light is in a limited range of light wavelenght, and IR or UV have different ranges.
Not all objects reflect the same ranges on waveleghts of light.
So, MAY BE what happened is that the paint, from ship's name, didn't reflect the IR light from that night shoot.
I dont know.

Maju said...

It's a very remote possibility because, for what I know white reflects all colors, including red, and hence IR most probably too, while the lettering was in blue, which would appear as black if the reflection curve also excludes the infrared. I cannot be sure about this but it's very likely.

However, even if we ignore the lettering, there are a zillion of other details that are very different. There are a lot of prominences in the MM that do not appear in the Israeli video and vice versa, protuberances in the Israeli video ship that do not exist in the real Mavi Marmara. The shape of the tower is very similar in some aspects but very different in others too... the angulosity of the board, the presence or absence of cranes (more apparent if you watch the video, where they don't seem to exist or are much smaller), etc.