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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thousands against the High Speed Train in Bilbao

Thousands of Basque citizens demonstrated yesterday in Bilbao against the hyper-costly and destructive project of the High Speed Train (AHT by its Basque acronym).

While it was announced yesterday that budget constrains mean that another idiotic destructive project, the second Guggenheim Museum planned for the Urdaibai Nature Reserve, is being dropped by the illegitimate Basque autonomous government, the High Speed Train connecting the three Western Basque capitals is still being developed, splitting whole districts.

The figure 4790 (photo above) reflects the debt in euros that each Western Basque is being forced into for an elitist project that has no positive value for most and has a very negative impact instead.

The High Speed Train is like a fast highway, a walled corridor that divides the areas where it goes through in two, splitting the ecosystem and the social and economical tapestry of the country. And all for nothing, because traveling between the Western Basque capitals does not take more than an hour (by car, less than two by the actual conventional train). Additionally there is no current project either in Spain nor France that would link this infrastructure to other areas or cities.

Sources: Gara[es], Berria[eu], AHT Gelditu Elkarlana[eu-es-fr].

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