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Leherensuge was replaced in October 2010 by two new blogs: For what they were... we are and For what we are... they will be. Check them out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

THE END IS A NEW BEGINNING: Leherensuge discontinued but continued in two new blogs

Finally the day has come. The three-years story of Leherensuge ends here.

It is since now replaced by two more "sectorial" blogs:


The names taken from Pio Baroja's famous sentence, reflecting long-term continuity through our ephemeral lives, imply a more past and present-future orientation of each blog. They also reflect a more purely scientific-historical approach in For what they were... and a more socio-political one in For what we are...

Hopefully they will serve me and you as well or better than Leherensuge did.

Choose your favorite one or choose both, up to you. Join as follower and/or update your feeds and/or bookmarks. All what I blog from now on will be there.

See you around.

Note: Leherensuge will remain as archive. Also comments in Leherensuge remain open, at least for the time being.