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Sunday, June 20, 2010

And Spanish-speakers favorite word is... 'Republic'

This has been one of those pathetic self-destructive laughable manipulations of the Spanish "cultural" (political) establishment.

The Cervantes Institute (public foundation to promote the Spanish language and feed some system intellectuals of those that may write books for children or columns in papers praising the system) had the idea of getting an online poll on which is the people's favorite word in Spanish language.

Soon the poll was closed for "technical problems". The technical problem being, as reported by Ciudad Futura and echoed by 20Minutos, that the most voted word was "república" (republic), a spit on the face of the honorary president of the institution King Juan Carlos Bourbon Bourbon (alias Double Bourbon and not just for the endogamous coincidence of his surnames).

In the end, after censorship was exposed, the Institute eventually accepted the results of the poll as it was before they closed it. However, in order to prevent that obvious anti-monarchic feeling from becoming evident, they found a solution: they posted, in alphabetical order and in a not too evident location, the ten most voted words without vote count. However, an image is worth a thousand words and the people at Ciudad Futura got a screenshot before the contest was sabotaged by the organizers:

Who knows... maybe if the poll would have been left to follow its course, some exotic word like gamusino (imaginary animal that only exists in practical jokes) might have won. I doubt it though.


Anonymous said...

Magnífico. Incluyo enlace a este 'post' en nuestra entrada de Ciudad futura.
Un abrazo desde "el foro".
Paco Arnau

Maju said...

Too funny not to mention. :)

Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos's father: Juan de Borbón (aka JB).

Maju said...

I don't know much about the dynasty but I know that the current monarch murdered his own brother "in a hunting accident", and that he used to be an alcoholic and a womanizer. These things are of course hidden by the Spanish press (so "admirably loyal"!) but I know only second hand (i.e. from a friend who was friend of a Royal House butler), and the rumorology is anyhow very consistent.

A particularly well known case is that of circus star Bárbara Rey, one of whose children is likely to be son of the Bourbon king and whose silence was bought on huge money AFAIK. But of course this is just an anecdote, the story I was told second hand includes elite prostitutes entering the royal chambers almost every day. I'm talking of the early 90s, not sure if the guy is still so enthusiastic about sex anymore.

Anonymous said...

Entonces, el niño tendrá como apellido... ¡¡Rey!!. :)

Maju said...

La verdad es que no lo sé. Quizá se apellida Cristo, puesto que estuvo casada con Angel Cristo. Se por Wikipedia que la hija se llama Sofía (como la reina, casualidad).