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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Biden defends Israel

Never mind Israel spits on him, insults him, disrespects him...
US Vicepresident Joe Biden has rushed to defend Israel right to do what it wants in regards to Gaza.

The boot-licking attitude of US politicians towards the Zionist Project is unbelievable. I'd be deeply ashamed would I have US nationality. In fact I am deeply ashamed anyhow as human being because what affects other people affects me too and because, whatever you may believe, I have sympathy for and feel solidarious with the US people (meaning working class, of course)

The exact words were:

Israel has the absolute right to protect its security interests.

Absolute?! What the heck! What is going on here? Why Israel, a terrorist rogue racist genocidal state has absolute rights and instead the right of all others, beginning by Palestinians is relative or non-existent?

This has no name and shows how the Zionist Mafia totally controls the power resorts in the USA.

Shame... absolute shame.

But for now on, if anyone had still any doubt, we know that whatever Israel has, whenever it murders pacifists and civilians, it is doing so because the USA shamelessly and absolutely backs it.

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