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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pamplona: fascist aggression in San Fermin

The information on this matter was confusing at first, as the incident was believed to have been just one of several involving Spanish hooligans and Basque nationalists as some hollow heads got out to the streets with Spanish banners, what is generally considered a fascist provocation here and may cause serious fights.

But as time passes the case is becoming more clear: three armed Spanish fascists went into a popular meal of the San Fermin peñak on Sunday, dressed on Spanish flags and fascist tattoos and carrying also weapons such as a pepper spray, a machete and a pistol, pushing, threatening and insulting the people who were celebrating there.

Gaztelu Plaza was full with policemen but they did not intervene against the provokers.

A reason may well be that at least one of them, the one carrying the gun, was a policeman himself, as has been reported by Diario de Navarra.

However no word is said of the violence they caused.

Sources: Sare Antifaxista (1, 2), Boltxe, Diario de Navarra

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