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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Video: Basque police violence and arbitrary arrests in the General Strike of June 29

This video showing the actuation of the Basque Autonomous Police, Ertzaintza, against union pickets illustrates well how is the reality of police control and who exerts most violence in our daily lives, hidden behind masks so not be pointed at when they go back to their homes.

It's nothing that surprises me at all, as we have been suffering this systematic police harassment since I have memory and before, even before the Ertzaintza was created.

But maybe for readers from other socio-political contexts, where human rights are not just an empty word, this may be revealing.

The immediate source for this video is Spanish alternative news site La Haine, however I imagine it is a small part of the many sequences filmed on the day of the General Strike that were never broadcasted by any TV and that have been generously donated to the public domain by some anonymous worker tired of so much hypocrisy.

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