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Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Paleolithic rock art found deep in La Peña de Cándamo (Asturias)

The generally quite informative Spanish archaeology blog
Pileta de Prehistoria reports that archaeologists have found more rock art in a deep hidden gallery of La Peña de Cándamo cave in Asturias (often mentioned as La Peña but sometimes as Cándamo too), which is Patrimony of Humankind since 2008.

The new findings include some 200 artworks, including dot marks and other abstract symbols, hand and finger applications and a large headless horse.

While the cave was reopened in 1994 after a period of closure, the new gallery will only be available to "visit" online because it is not easy to access at all.

More info: Cándamo Town Hall - Cave[es].

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