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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spanish Supreme Court sees no crime but false confession under tortures, revoking Inquisition sentence

The Spanish Supreme Court has slapped again the New Inquisition tribunal (
Audiencia Nacional) in the case of five Basque youths earlier declared guilty on the crime of support of terrorist organization and sentenced to five years of prison.

The five Basque citizens denounced tortures upon arrest and incommunication and signed self-inculpatory declarations at the police station where they "acknowledged" that they had distributed ETA's bulletin Zutabe.

Only on such "evidence", they were sentenced to five years of jail for support of terrorist organization.

Now the Supreme Court considers that there is total lack of evidence and that they should have been acquitted in first trial, accusing the Audiencia Nacional of sloppiness. It also says that the attitude of the state attorney in the case, trying to keep the original condemnatory sentence is "improper", as the state is supposed to defend human rights and the presumption of innocence.

Another issue highlighted by the high tribunal is that issuing the sentence after the original trial, took more than two years!

One of the victims of this case of tortures and false accusations, Mikel Zenigaonaindia, denounced recently (photo above) that he had been stalked by police, who threatened him with murder: "you are going to end like Txiki and Otaegi", who were the last two people executed by the Fascist regime in September 27 1975.

Of course no action was or will be taken against those policemen. That's how justice works in the Kingdom of Spain.

Source: Gara.

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