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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I made a decission on blog-splitting

The poll results are pretty clear but it's way too easy to alter such polls (I have voted five times myself, all but once for the "undecided" option, and all times because the cookie was lost accidentally or I just used a different browser). So a single person determined to slant the vote can easily make an disproportionate impact. I don't say it happened, just that it can easily happen.

In fact all the comments I have got, which are more important to me, are in the line of "I really don't care much" or "I like the way it is". I am in fact surprised of the many people that like the current format in any case.

However, I am myself each day more convinced that, for the best interest of both sections, a blog split is necessary. One of the reasons is that normally the socio-political section has much greater number of interesting topics to deal with and really allows for several posts per day. Meanwhile the prehistory-anthropology section usually has a slower path of information flow.

The other reason is that, as considered before, different people will have different prioritary interests. There's nothing impeding readers from following two blogs instead of one, so there's hardly any downside to the split.

The two fields have become in any case like oil and water and mix only forcibly. Though now and then there are topics like Iruña-Veleia that certainly cross the conceptual barrier.

So I am definitively splitting the blog in the near future. My self-set deadline is for September 21 but I think it is likely that the split happens earlier. You'll be announced in advance and the beginning of both new blogs will be simultaneous in any case. One day (not yet set) Leherensuge will have its last post redirecting any accidental or forgetful reader to the new spaces.

One of the first issues I have to solve is nice informative and catchy names for each of the blogs. I'll appreciate feedback on this.

So far I have been able to come with the following ideas:

For the news/politics/social affairs blog, I'm pondering the following: Class War Diaries / The Class War Observer, The Atlantic/Western Denizen. So far I'm more inclined for the "denizen" type of title because I often feel that way, as "democracy" is nowadays a mere pretext for authoritarianism of the worst kind. This is part of the Atlantist coup process that was initiated by the 9/11 self-attack, as I realized that very week of 2001 following the logic of qui bono.

For the prehistory-anthropology-genetics section I have even less ideas. So far the best I could come up with was Unraveling the Past. Still thinking ( something about "roots", "the urban primitivist", "Cromagnon in Babylon"... ideas that come right now as I write but that will possibly discard later).

As said, feedback is welcome.

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