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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honduras went to the streets to protest the coup in the dark anniversary

I remembered
three days ago the sad anniversary of the coup in Honduras. Today I come to know that in the Central American republic hundreds of thousands went (again) to the streets to protest against it.

It did not happen only in Tegucigalpa but across the country.

Carlos Reyes, speaker of the National Front of People's Resistance (FNRP) the coup has been tried to be made invisible, both inside and outside the country. Not just the coup but the crimes of the military and the resistance of the people.

Today we are certain that we have been doing the right thing, said Reyes. We have to install a Constituent National Assembly. This was the pretext on which the military-oligarchic alliance removed President Zelaya.

Source: La Haine[es] (includes photos and videos). More photos here.

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