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Thursday, July 29, 2010

96% of Iraq development fund vanish, while still in US hands

It's commonplace to say that the Iraqi administration is corrupt but what is not so frequently read or heard is that the Pentagon is corrupt also.

Judge yourself: 8.7 billion dollars (USD), out of a total of 9.1 billion of the Iraq Development Fund, for the reconstruction of Iraq and trusted for that purpose to the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) have vanished. The accountancy controls are so tenuous that even, after an audit, nobody knows where the money went to. In 2007 the Iraqi government demanded the money but, after the audit, it seems unclear if the missing billions can be tracked at all.

Meanwhile most of the country still lacks edible water and electricity, almost a decade after the invasion.

Source Atilio Boron's blog, originally from Clarín newspaper (both sources in Spanish).

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