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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old comrades call for the restitution of Socialism in China

The sad evolution of P.R. China into a capitalist authoritarian state wrapped in the red banner and the portraits of Mao is maybe producing some benefits in terms of absolute growth but largely at the expense of the workers and the communist project.

This is something evident to all since the massacre of Tian An Men and the repression against the Worker Movement it brought. However this is not lacking in contradictions and there is a clear growth of dissatisfaction and struggles within China. Often this alienation and explotation turns into suicides but worker strikes are also a growing trend.

Now five old high ranking comrades have published a manifesto demanding the restoration of workers' power in China.

The full article can be read at the China Study Group (among many other sites). In it the five old comrades demand:

1. Support for the workers on strike at Honda and other factories.
2. Force Foxconn and other abusive companies to respect human rights and worker diginity.
3. That official unions stand with the workers and not against them.
4. Government, specially local government, must protect workers.
5. Restoration of the working class as the leading force of the country, according to the constitution.

It is evident to me, as apparently to the authors of this manifesto, that the rapid economic growth of China along with the evolution towards Capitalism has brought severe contradictions to the East Asian power and that these contradictions are already exploding even if in a limited and repressed way. This means that, unless the state is able to recycle itself into a state that serves the people, as used to be the case, a revolution is at the gates.

This is just another symptom.

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