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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Psychic octopus prefers commie oysters

According to Facebook, which we know is the measure of all things and never ever lies, the famous German psychic octopus Paul, who accurately predicted the defeat of Germany and the Netherlands by Spain in the World Cup, among other stuff, has decided that Capitalism is doomed and Communism will overcome.

An analyst from Goldman Sachs speaking on condition of anonymity to this blog declared: it is obvious that the octopus prefers the color red and there is nothing psychic about it, Capitalism has triumphed and nothing will stop us from ruling the World forever, that is: until the total extinction of humankind in a few decades. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

A less insane source, my little niece to be precise, declared: do you think I'm dumb? It's photoshopped!

However this blogger has not been able to confirm or deny the authenticity of the photo, as the psychic octopus is unavailable for comment. A press conference with direct translation from Common Octopus to German is scheduled for July 31. It is speculated that it will include a medium session with the immortal soul of Karl Marx himself, who was born a few kilometers away from where Paul hatched.

But anyhow, sincerely, I predicted that myself. So why am I not famous?!

Sources: Facebook, Ciudad Futura

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