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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad re-inauguration of Iruña-Veleia archaeological site. Video of the destructive dig

Yesterday the Vasco-Roman site of Iruña-Veleia was officially re-inaugurated after several years of closure. For Julio Núñez and his demolition team it was just another day of mechanical excavation and dumping of layers and layers of archaeological treasures.

This has no name!

In the video above (narration in Spanish) it is shown how the excavator is almost the only one working at the site. Nobody gathers any remnant nor keeps any record of the layers nor anything: it's all dumped in the truck once and again without any control.

It is intentional and criminal destruction of the patrimony.

Just before the authorities and official press arrive for the discourses and photos, the excavator and truck are hidden. The members of SOS Iruña-Veleia attempt (says the narrator) to give a letter of protest to the Provincial President but police prevents them from doing so.

As the politicians leave the demolition continues.

Found via Iruña-Veleia Gezurra ala Egia?

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