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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gulf oil disaster will reach the Atlantic

This is the estimate for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in less than a year, according to simulations by US scientists:

The simulation is based on 5 typical years' climate and does not include any estimate of biological degradation or other accumulation processes such as the formation of tar balls. Whatever the case it is a most worrisome forecast for SE USA, parts of Mexico and even possibly Europe, where the Gulf Stream eventually ends.

The catastrophe, still mostly uncontrolled, has began to be dubbed "the American Chernobyl".

Source: Science Daily.


Anne Gilbert said...

It's going to do a lot of damage, no matter where it reaches. I thought the Exxon Valdez disaster was an outrage, what with my seeing oily otters and birds washing up on shore. But it was confined to a (relatively) small area. All I know is, wherever this oily mess goes, it's going to cause a lot of damage. And the idiots at BP ca't or won't do anything about it, so it's only going to get worse.

Maju said...

It's really terrible. I have not discussed it before because it used to be all the time in the news, though maybe less nowadays, and I try to focus on things that are not so dominant in the media. But I am painfully aware of how bad it is and will be.

It is the worst "black tide" ever, specially because it can be flowing for a very very long time. And it is really demolishing the economy of the Gulf coast, not to mention the brutal environmental damage - both are intimately related in any case, as fishing and tourism rely on the environment very directly. It's also going to damage the oil industry itself.

It is a very harmful blow also against an already very damaged economy and to the socio-political stability.

I really don't understand what is the US doing in Iraq and Afghanistan when it cannot keep in order its own home, wasting huge sums there when the money is so badly needed for the internal economy and social services. I just read that more than 30 US states are effectively bankrupt, turning to draconian spending cuts and tax increases in order to save their budgets.

So when you look at this terrible situation (the spill, the economic disaster) you really wonder: what is so important in Afghanistan, Iraq and the upcoming Iran war to get your money wasted there and your youth fighting there instead of maybe fighting the spill (not sure if it's possible but at least worth a try, I guess).

The political situation is utmost undemocratic in the sense that the goal is not anymore to secure dignity and a decent life for your people (even if at the cost of other peoples) but to merely satisfy the ill-conceived global domination goals of the elites even at the expense of the US people.

I'm shaking my head in disbelief but that is what is happening. And it's not too much different in Europe anyhow.