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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Catalans take Barcelona by millions!

We are a nation - Self-determination!

More than one million people, according to the city police, took to the streets in Barcelona today in defense of their Statute as the people and democratic institutions designed it, and not the mutilated remnant that the Spanish Constitutional Court would allow.

Catalonia has 6 million inhabitants, so these figures mean that practically every Catalan is supportive of the Statute. It also meant that the demo had major difficulties proceeding as planned because the people itself prevented it from advancing unwillingly, which happened at the rate of very few meters per minute, with streets and streets cramped with people and republican Catalan banners.

Sources: VilaWeb, Gara

This situation really pits Catalans and the Spanish institutions into a confrontational dead-end that can only be resolved with a radical change of the Spanish Constitution, something that the Spanish parties are not for.

Unlike the small Basque Country, Catalonia is a major demographic (and even greater economic) component of the State of Spain and it is very difficult to see how can it be ignored for long.

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