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Monday, July 5, 2010

News on the human shields against the High Speed Train

This is the continuation of the info I posted last week on four activists entering abandoned mines with the intention of becoming human shields against the destructive, undemocratic, useless and extremely costly Basque High Speed Train, that is being built in the Western Basque Country.

The information was not being actualized properly at the AHT Gelditu site, I think (at least not when I checked), but now there are several news items.

I now reckon that the people giving the press release, some of which I identified, were not the same ones going to the mines.

Whatever the case, the news are:

The Government and its companies have continued work as if nothing happened. Explosions continued on thrusday and friday and it's reported that the activists felt rocks falling, though they are alive so far. This criminal attitude triggered that a legal denounce has been placed at court.

Two of the activists chained to each other through a cement filled barrel to make forced evacuation more difficult.

Another problem they are reporting is that the mines have high humidity levels, what makes their stance very uncomfortable and unhealthy. In fact unspecified health problems have been reported.

Demo in Ordizia.
The banner reads: 'Through disobedience until the High Speed Train (AHT) is stopped. Resistance in the mines of Itsasondo'.

There was an important demonstration at Ordizia on Saturday (photo above).

As police did absolutely nothing, the AHT Gelditu platform sent a group to check for the situation of the activists, which are alive but with the important caveats mentioned above that imply serious danger for their lives and health.

Contact group wading through the mine galleries

Finally today, police has shown up at the site and it is speculated that their intention is to take them out.


Update (July 6): the four activists were finally expelled from the mines yesterday evening, reports Gara. After passing through the health center, they were arrested and charged with "public disorder, resistance and disobedience to authority".

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