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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turkey: trial for standing against military service

I know well that total resistence to the military, and particularly conscription, is a virus (a benefic one though) that is not going to stop at the borders of EU. And the cultural relationship of Turkey with the rest of Europe is way too strong to change that, as it's probably the case of Russia, though it may take some more time in this latter case because of their grandeur dreams.

The case is anyhow that a famous Turkish singer, Bulent Ersoy, has been brought to court for suggesting that the Kurdish conflict needs a solution and that, would she have a son, she would not send him to war.

She is being accused under article 318 that forbids dissuading people from miltary service. But she is standing defiant: even if they hang me, I will keep talking.

She could face more than four years in prision if convicted.

The transexual singer stood defiant.
Some people deployed banners in her support.

I still recall when a Turkish resister to the army visited us maybe some 20 years ago (this issue is not new at all) , his main worry was legal matters: his organization was about to be declared illegal and, to my incrdulity, he said that, if illegalized they would not be able to work anymore because the full wight of repression would fall upon them. I was flippant as our own organizaton had never bothered to get legalized at all (better outside the law) but guess circumstances are somewhat different. I am not sure of their current situation but I bet it is most delicate. I'll see what can I find on war resisters in Turkey.

In any case, the attitude of Bulent Ersoy is most brave and an example for people, not just in Turkey, but around the World.

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