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Monday, September 8, 2008

14,000 BP remains at underwater Yucatan caves

Again from
Stone Pages - Archaeonews.

These may be some of the oldest Paleoindian settlers of America and certainly the oldest ones found at the moment. The remains of four people have been found in several underwater caves at Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. They are dated (C14) between 11,000 and 14,000 BP.

One of the skeletons, a woman dated to 13,600 BP, has been named Eva de Naharón, while another male, known as Chan Hol might be even older than Eva.

At that time, sea levels were 200 m. lower and the Yucatan Peninsula was a large dry prairie extending much further into the Caribbean.

An important issue is that neither of he skeletons show North Asian features but rather South Asian ones (not sure if by this they mean South Asia as in India or as in Indochina) what brings some doubts on the mainstream theory that says that America was colonized from Beringia.

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