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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ekain 'neocave' inaugurated

Western Basque and Gipuzkoan authorities inaugurated yesterday the replica of Ekain cave, at Zestoa (Gipuzkoa).

The artificial cave, named Ekainberri ('New Ekain') will allow visitors to enjoy one of the most fascinating Upper Paleolithic sites in Europe, including of course its unique mural art, described by Leroi-Gourham as the most perfect horse composition of Quaternary art.

After the opening of the replica of Santimamiñe last year, Ekain is the second Basque Paleolithic cave to open such neocave for visitors. Both sites, together with less-known Altxerri cave, are nominated to become World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Ekainberri will be open to the public since tomorrow and the entrance will cost 5 euros (4 for retired people and minors).

Source: Gara.

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