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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Israeli active genocide in East Jerusalem

Rebelión: 'Israel: compulsiva estrategia para judaizar Jerusalén Oriental'. The genocide that Zionism is causing in all palestine since 1948 with the complicity of "the West" has many faces. And East Jerusalem, ilegally annexed to Israel in 1967, is no exception but one of the main fronts of the racism of this late colonial state.

Facts of the genocide:

  • In August 2008 Israel authorized the building of new 1760 homes (for Jews only).
  • There are already 192,000 Jewish colonists settled ilegally in East Jerusalem.
  • 25% of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem have been cut from the city by the construction of the Wall of Shame.
  • 'Abandoned' lands belonging to refugees forced to flee after the war were expropiated. These lands comprise about 1/3 of all East Jerusalem and were largely used to build new illegal settelements.
  • Palestinians who do not live in Jerusalem for 7 years are deprived from their residence status. This norm is not applied to 'master race' Jews, of course.
  • In 2006 ID card was revoked to at least 1360 Palestinians, according to UN. This figure was five times larger than in 2005 or any year before.
  • Since the 2003 law on citizenship and residence, those Palestinians from the occupied territories (the bantustans) that get married with residents or citizens of Israel cannot acquire residence and therefore are forbidden from living with their partners.
  • Since 1982 the Zionist government does not allow residence for Palestinian children who have one parent that is not resident in Jerusalem.
  • While Jewish colonization is widely encouraged, Palestinian construction is nearly forbidden.
  • Both Israelis and Palestinians build ilegally at similar levels but the response from the authorities is radically different: some 150 homes are demolished each year, 75% of them of Palestinian property.
  • Racist discriminaton also exists in aspects like budget allocations, taxation and all kind of services (water, draining, roads, parks, illumination, post offices, schools, etc.)
It is time to massively boycott such a racist state as Israel. In fact it's alread some 60 years late.

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