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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Colombia: the reign of terror

Colombia has been recently in the media limelight but the reality of this country, where paramilitary squads, paid by
Chiquita and protected by the government, rule the streets and where the army kills peasants impunely and claims they are rebels, is largely unknown.

Al Jazeera explores today this cruel reality of the US protectorate, where 50% of wealth is owned by 10% of the people and 20% lives on $2 per day or less. They begin with the murder of a union leader, Luis Mayusa, in August, just one of at least 27 murders of this kind in 2008. Then mention how there is fear that the proposed free trade agreement with the USA will cause labor conditions to worsen even more. Finally they adress the strong connections of paramilitary gangs (recently amnestied by the government but which have not ceased to act anyhow) with corporations and the administration.

It is little wonder that there is such a strong guerrilla going on, certainly. Colombia is a terror state and has been that way for many decades. When you buy Chiquita fruit, think that you are financing the murder of innocent people in the streets of Colombia.

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