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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Solar energy: new efficiency record

Scientists at the US National Renewable Energies Laboratory have developed a new typeof photovoltaic cell able to convert 40.8% of solar input. This way they have beaten their own record. Instead of using germanium as main catalyst, they now use gallium-iridium alloys that additionally decrease the size and weight of the resulting cell a lot.

In addition to other recent advances (see other posts in the category solar energy) this could brutally boost the ability of humankind for gathering energy directly from the Sun. I am each day more convinced that solar energy is the only realistic solution for the global energy crisis. Of course that there are many resistences, beginning by energy oygopolisic companies, but in the mid-run it is the only promising cost-effective and enviroment-friendly possibility. It can also empower local communities and individuals regarding energy production.

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