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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Growing fascist impunity in Spain

Armed Neonazi gangs attacked on September 6th several people at the Plaça Urquinaona subway station in Barcelona. The result: one young man severely injured. In spite of the aboundance of security cameras everywhere, specially in the subway, the attackers have not been identified (source).

In a separate inccident, councilors of the Communist Party in Alpedrete (Madrid province) suffered death threats at hands of a similar Nazi gang. The local CP denounces the complicity of the conservatives in power (source).

In my opinion, only sustained direct action against such dangerous totalitarian elements can stop them. Protests may raise awareness but that is far from enough. People need to know they can live withot a Damocles Sword in form of death squads lurking around the corner with powerful connections.

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