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Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the biggest loser is...

... a young Portuguese man, who has a mortgage that will be paid only when he is 72 years old and spends 65% of his salary to pay it. He got the prize to the Most Inhuman Mortgage, consisting of a 30 euro ticket for books and a copy of the Spanish Constitution (which sarcastically states that all citizens have the 'right' to a decent home).

... a young Canarian woman who signed 10 succesive labor contracts lasting two days each, all with the same company in just month and a half (45 days). She got the prize to the Most Precarious Contract. She also got a 30 euro ticket for books and a copy of the Workers' Statute, which states her theoretical rights.

Both symbolic prizes were given in the 1st Municipal Contest to the Most Inhuman Mortgage and the Most Precarious Contract of Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Islands) organized by the local assembly of United Left in the context of the International Youth's Day (August 12th).

Source: Rebelión.

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