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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Afghan death sentence for downloading feminist materials

Just another example that the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan was right (and that Osama and the CIA are hateful): a young Afghan man, Sayed Pervez Kambaksh was sentenced to death in a five minute fundamentalist "trial", where he was not allowed to defend himself. This happened some nine months ago, when he downloaded feminist material from the Internet, act that was considered as "blasphemy" (it would be laughable, would not be so serious). Since then, he has been jailed and awaits either presidential pardon or execution.

Sayad Kambaksh, victim of Islamic fascism

Source: BBC News.

The article is titled "Blasphemy case shows Afghan divide" but what it actually says is that there is no such divide: that the government, the tribunals, the religious leaders and all effective social actors are extremely fundamentalist and support this kind of criminal nonsense.

This is the kind of societies that the USA and its allies, Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as NATO, are promoting in the "Muslim World": fundamentalist regimes that represent no advance, no reform, no progress - but the opposite. Fascist puppet states ruled by fanaticism and idiocy. Typical colonial medievalist protectorates.

When in 1979, the Soviet Union, called by the legitimate government, intervened in Afghanistan against the fundamentalists, there was a mediatic uproar against them. Not just that, the "Western World" (together with Saudia and Pakistan) put all means to make sure that a laicist solution would not be implemented and that the fundamentalist fascists would succeed. This only happened when that short-sighted drunkard oportunist who was Boris Yeltsin removed Russian support for the Socialist Afghan regime.

The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan began in 1978 a process of radical reforms: It moved to suppress religion, replacing religious and traditional laws with secular and Marxist ones. Men were obliged to cut their beards, women couldn't wear a burqa, and mosques were placed off limits. It carried out an ambitious land reform, waiving farmers' debts countrywide and abolishing usury - intended to release the poorer farmers from debt peonage. (...) Free emergency medical care was introduced. A mass literacy campaign was begun, 5000 unemployed university graduates being recruited as teachers. By the end of 1979, 600 new schools had been built, many of them in rural areas, and up to 500,000 adult Afghans were attending basic literacy classes (another 500,000 had enrolled but dropped out). Working hours were reduced, low-paid workers were given higher wages and trade unions were legalised for the first time in Afghanistan's history. The government also made a number of decrees on women’s rights, banning forced marriages, giving state recognition of women’s right to vote, and introducing women to political life (source: Wikipedia). Which is the kind of illustrated reforms that could have placed the backward Central Asian state in the path of modernization and freedom.

But our leaders did not want that: they prefered to finance some Saudian silverspoon known as Osama Ben Laden (or maybe better Bin Ladin, "Bin Laden" in pop culture) and make sure that Afghanistan would remain the most obscurantist country in the World (along with some Arab states). Later they decided to remove him and place another fundamentalist, Hamid Karzai, as puppet leader.

And now what? It's just crazy: we are throwing stones against our own roof, cutting the grass under our feet, feeding fascism just because some ill-measured geostrategical bet! Suicidal!

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