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Monday, September 8, 2008

Important Bronze Age findings in the Eastern Mediterranean

Stone Pages - Archaeonews.

Maybe the most important one is the finding of melted bronze at the earliest Canaanite layers
(c. 3000 BCE) of Sidon, Lebanon, suggesting that the Bronze Age in West Asia could date to even before the Canaanites period itself. This finding is part of the archaological campaign at this site carried by the British Museum, that has dealt mostly with Canaanite burial practices and associated rituals. (Read the full article).

The other finding is that of a late Bronze Age town at the site of Pyla, near Laranaca, Cyprus, dating to the 14th and 13th centuries BCE in its older layers and showing continuity until the Roman period. The site, known as Vigla, is on small plateau looking at the British colonial outpost (aka "military base") of Dekhelia. (
Read full article).

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