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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The rich to blame for global warming

at SINC (in Spanish). Originally from the magazine Enviroment and Urbanization - author: David Satterthwaite, from the International Insitute for Enviroment and Developement.

Cities are not guilty of 80% of greenhouse gas emisions, just of 40%. The rest is divided between agriculture and deforestation (30%) and industry, rural affluent homes and electric centrals. The article ponders who are the consumers that demand so much electricity and products and it seems most of them are also a few wealthy people with wasteful lifestyles.

So, yeah, ecology and socialism go hand by hand. Let's sharpen the guillotine again... and get rid of two problems at once.

Link to the same article (plus some extra quotes and links) at Science Daily (for English-only readers, just found it).

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