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Monday, December 21, 2009

Israel admits organ theft from Palestinian corpses

After the clownish actuation of the pathetic neonazi Zionist minister of foreign affairs, Russian-born Avigador Liebermann, Israel had finally to admit that the Swedish newspapers who
denounced organ theft to victims of political murders by the Israeli Army is for real.

Read more at Al Jazeera (again NATO propaganda media, aka "free press", like BBC seem to silence the matter).


Kepler said...

I heard early on today about this story from...Bbc. I have heard several times from them about this issue and they let both groups talk, something you never would see in a communist regime or in a pseudo-socialist one like the one we have in Hugolandia.

Maju said...

Say what?

Kepler said...

They let the journalist say the whole thing some weeks ago, or months, I forgot. He had just returned from a show in Israel. He saidd they were not letting him even express the things Palestinians were saying about the killing of Palestinians and the theft of their organs, an Israeli responded, said he was an anti-Semite, usual stuff. Today I heard the news as reported in Al Jazeera several times on Bbc World News. The strange thing is that I don't see it on the website. So apparently there is a different censorship on the radio and on the written page.
I wrote to them now to let them know I feel anoyed about them not stating it also on the website.

See, in Bbc English Hugh Grant talks wonderful things about Hugo, on Bbc Spanish the journalists (who are not Venezuelans) are much less rosy about Venezuela's current regime.

Maju said...

BBC (the website) is pretty much the epitome of NATO Imperial press, very specially in what regards to defense of Zionism. It has some interesting info now and then, specially in the science-nature section, but that's about it. However I do read it, so I don't need to read other Imperial press like El País of CNN.

I don't understand why you have to hijack every single post to rant about Venezuela anyhow.

Kepler said...


The bbc website is imperial
and the bbc radio service is not?
How come?
I find cnn pretty useless, but then
I find El País is not more away
from "the Truth" than any lefty newspaper I have ever seen.
You have to pick up news here and there, not only from the ones who are exactly like you are.
I prefer mostly German ZDF news
from time to time.