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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Zionist Power in th USA

James Petras, the man who first denounced Obama as "the First Jewish President" (meaning he's totally sold to the Zionists) has another article online on this crucial issue affecting global politics and very specially regional politics of the Middle East and domestic politics in the USA.

James Petras, Bended Knees: Zionist Power in American Politics.

(Shouldn't be "bent knees"? Some native English-speaker please clarify this to me).

Petras mentions that maybe more than 50% US Jews are not active Zionists, many being even harshly critical of Israel and the Lobby. However the remainder are fanatic militants of a well organized network that has extended control over US economy and media, and is highly structured, both sectorially and geographically (and not just in the USA, of course) with their goal being not their country's but those of a foreign power: Israel.

Too long to excerpt here but a must read.


terryt said...

"(Shouldn't be "bent knees"? Some native English-speaker please clarify this to me)".

The archaic form 'bended knee' is used as a figure of speech when pleading or reverence is implied. Not sure where the term comes from but perhaps the King James Bible. Someone else may be able to expand.

Maju said...

That clarifies the matter, thanks a lot.

Ken said...

If proof were needed Jimmy Carter: 'Sorry for stigmatising Israel'

Maju said...

Pretty much relevant, I'd say.

terryt said...

Sounds like the sort of apology you make to your boss.

Maju said...

Yes, kinda. It's somewhat surprising because Carter is old enough to have nothing to loose, so the pressure must have been enormous.