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Friday, December 25, 2009

Are "colonies" becoming more demanding?

I came through two different articles in a row... in two different media, on two different countries and continents, with very different situations... but what they say is more or less the same: more and more "third world" countries are demanding from foreign investors that they do not just sign a check but that they contribute to local development sharing their know-how.

They use the imperfect multipolarity of modern world as leverage to achieve their purposes.

That is what Kazakhstan has achieved from China, which has largely replaced the USA influence that way, and that is what Venezuela is demanding now to foreign car-makers with the same kind of threat: or you share or we will find out others who do.

It seems an interesting development, isn't it? Particularly because it is in immaterial forms the way that postmodern Capital is accumulated specially.

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Kepler said...

It would be nice if it were not so completely rubbish.
Ask Ow (oil wars blog, ex fan of Hugo, his blog was for years propaganda for Hugo and he tried to analyze all economic reports coming from Venezuela giving Hugo the benefit of the doubt)

Hugo could have said that 10 years ago. In reality the little technology transfer we had when GM and Ford were producing more cars in the eighties and nineties plus a normal currency law started to enable Venezuelans to set up small and less small companies around the big gringo ones. So we came to have Rualca, which started to build wheels for Ford but then expanded to more wheel-thingies in Venezuela and then to Latin America. Now it has shrunk again as nobody wants to risk a take over by chavismo (specially as chavismo gives the power not to workers but to their high ranking officials) and because it is cheaper to import almost anything now.

Hugo is letting Belorussians and chinese build social housing, which could be better produced by Venezuelans.

Please, read Ow's last post on Hugo (interview with a gringa reporter).
It sounds very very anti-chavista now, but it was a long process.

Remember again: I have always been highly critical of all governments Venezuela has had and I think almost all of them are "una banda de pillos de la peor calanya" but Hugo is taking the laurels. He himself is not after the money but just the power and pretending to be a new Bolivar, but he can only stay there now because he has the support of those mafiosi on top, the Diosdado and Rangel, the military.