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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DNA testing shows fraud in 20% of food in USA

The decreased costs of DNA testing have allowed two students of the Trinity School of New York, Brenda Tann and Matt Cost, 17 and 18 years old respectively, to make some interesting discoveries.

On one side they have found much more diversity in urban fauna than expected, including a new cockroach species.

On the other side they have found that 11 out of 66 supermarket foods tested do not contain what they say. All cases imply fraud intent, as they include products that are significatively cheaper than what they claim. For example a rather expensive goat cheese was found to be made with cow milk, while certain sturgeon caviar was found to be made out of the eggs of some Mississipi river fish, while elite dog food presumably made of venison is made of veal instead.

In the past this type of DNA research on food also put on evidence a good deal of sushi restaurants, whose expensive dishes were made of much cheaper fish than they claimed.

Source: Gara.

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