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Friday, December 4, 2009

Colombia plans to attack Venzuelan territory

This is what the former Venzuelan vice-president, José Vicente Rangel, has denounced to Venezuelan media. The plan would be an operation similar in design as the one executed in Ecuador last year against a diplomatic camp of the FARC, fabricated presence of guerrillas in Venezuelan soil would be the pretext for this intervention, that would of course count with US support.

Rangel also denounced the presence of seven thousand Comlombian paramilitaries in Venzuela working to destabilize the republic.

Source: Rebelión.


Kepler said...

So, what is the plan? Our neighbours attacked Ecuador using as pretext the Farc camp with Reyes but in reality what they wanted was to send a bomb to Ecuador for the sheer pleasure of doing it or...for what?
And what about attacking Venezuela? Is it like a game? Tic, tic? Is that the reason? Pleasure of doing it?
Please, tell me.
It is a pity that while all of this goes on the red-very-red chavista bankers used the money of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans to steal more money, buy more banks and so on. It is curious in this case it was actually people lie Miguel (the Devil's Excrement) and other oppos who kept denouncing Hugo's friend Barrueco and Arne chacon, etc, but now Hugo says: que? yo no fui, Barruecos is a counter-revolutionary. They still haven't touched Arne and other "revolutionaries". Did you know Hugo defended Barrueco just 2 or 3 years ago? Did you know the government was putting billions of people's money in those banks even if the opposition was denouncing that? Geez, and now the lefties or pseudo-lefties have the cojones to blame it on capitalism.
What is next? If Hugo is trapped in the process of stealing something himself you are going to say it is a capitalist demon that took hold of him?
Are you going to perform a "communist" exorcism?
Y pensé que lo había leído todo con "Las Aventuras de Torquemada"

Back to Venezuela-colombia: how is the attack going to proceed and what are the ultimate goals? Please, elaborate.

Maju said...

I don't know that much. But I know that Colombia has the largest army by far of Latin America (almost the same figures as Brazil), that has surrendered its sovereignity to the USA (at least in all things military) and that Venezuela, as main impulsor of the ALBA is the main target.

And I know that the USA has the initiative in the military field, because it has the most powerful military on Earth, and Latin Americans don't even have the almost compulsory nukes to be credible in a diplomatic confrontation, not to mention in real war.

However it is not a military but a political problem. But the USA "knows" that they need to control Latin America if they want to be able to control anything else. It's "the backyard", remember? Their main ranch.

And it's clear that, after Bush' largely ignoring the area (except for Haiti and that coup attempt of Aznar and co.), Obama is taking a more proactive stance. The coup in Venezuela and the new treaty with Colombia are clear signs that the Empire is trying to reign on its unruly vassals (or former vassals in some cases).

They have made a coup in Honduras, they have attempted them in Bolivia and Nicaragua. What now? No idea but the sabre rattling is loud now.

Too loud.

Maju said...

Some readings maybe: Arnold August, Rick Rozoff. Not sure if it will satisfy your curiosity but at least will give you a clear image of what's going on, I think.

Man: wars are engineered this way. I'm not sure if the USA will get involved and how or what kind of conflict may happen. Hopefully none but that would be being naive. I am familiar for example with the Yugoslav wars and I know how to a great extent the most irrational and criminal warfare can be unleashed too easily. I remember quite vividly how a Macedonian liberal politician described the war as something largely engineered just because Yugoslavia had "lost its strategic relevance".

In the Latin American case it's the opposite: it has great strategic relevance for the big neighbor of the North. I'm seriously worried.