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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scotland may have independence referendum next year

The ruling Scottish NationalParty has presented a plan to hold a referendum on independence in 2010. They need the support of the small Green Party to pass the law. There are also incognites on which options will the referendum ballot allow.

If successful, the Scottish process may herald the end of the United Kingdom as we know it. Together with other processes it may also signal the beginning of the "internal decolonization" in Western Europe, where many other nations are struggling for a long denied sovereignty.

Source: Gara.


joe90 kane said...

Top stuff!

By the way,
you might like to know that 10,000 Palestinian flags are being handed out to arriving fans at the (Glasgow) Celtic v Hapoel Tel Aviv game tonight.

More details here -
29/11/09: Football fans to fly the flag for Palestine
Scottish PSC
29 Nov 2009

STUC to ask Celtic fans to show Palestinian flags in solidarity with suffering Palestinians on December 2nd
Scottish Trades Union Council
27 Nov 2009

all the best

Maju said...

Ooh, very nice, thanks.

All West Europe and the Mediterranean are still in need of an internal decolonization, like the one that has already happened in the eastern half of Europe. It is nice to see the different peoples "in arms" showing solidarity with each other.