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Monday, December 7, 2009

People lived in Norway 10,000 years ago

In line with other recent discoveries that push back the Epipaleolithic colonization of far Northern Europe (
North Sweden, Scotland), Norwegians can now also claim a somewhat older history.

Human inhabitation remains have been located at Ekenberg heights, near the Norwegian capital, a place then would have been at sea level. They have been dated to c. 10,000 year ago (until now the oldest remains were only some 8000 years old).

Source: the Norway Post (via Archaeology in Europe).


Kepler said...

Just like chinese and Japanese, Norwegians always discover something older when Swedes found something that beats the record and the other way around...

Maju said...

But the Scots are ahead no matter what:

I'll probably blog about this tomorrow. There are a few interesting news in the Stonepages and I have not reviewed them in many weeks.